Welcome to CrazyBikes.com, the m-Power Demo Site!

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    Welcome to CrazyBikes.com!

    CrazyBikes.com is a demo site built by mrc's m-Power. Use the navigation buttons at the top of the screen to view some of the demo applications that demonstrate m-Power's functionality.


    Each application shown within Crazybikes.com will display these two buttons. Be sure to rollover these images with your cursor to learn more about each application.

    Use the navigation bar at the top of each page to quickly and easiy view different applications throughout Crazybikes.com.

    Crazybikes.com supports multiple devices and Languages. Use these options throughout Crazybikes.com would look on a different output or in a different language. Better yet, grab your cell phone and visit crazybikes.com on your mobile!
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    Learn More

    This application was built with m-Power, an easy-to-use web application development platform. To learn more about m-Power, click one of the buttons below.

    The m-Power Test Drive lets you use m-Power via the web, guiding you through the creation of two web applications. To demonstrate m-Power's capabilities, we'll build you a free proof-of-concept application using your own data. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Fill out this short form.

CrazyBikes.com is a real Website for a fictional bike distributor, created to demonstrate the wide variety of Web applications that you can build with m-Power.

Please tour our most popular applications: m-Power is a powerful and easy-to-use application development platform from mrc.
If you would like to take m-Power for a test drive, view a video demo, or see a free
proof of concept application built over your own files, please click one of the buttons below.