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    Data Listing

    This online database application lists information in real time from the Customer Master table in the Crazy Bikes sample database.


      m-Power automatically links database applications together with smartlinks. Click on the View Orders link to drilldown to another m-Power built application.

    Move your cursor over the callout icon on each row to see another m-Power built application that shows more details for the Customer and Salesperson. Click the Google Maps icon to pass the address stored in your database to third-party Website apps like Google Maps. Also useful for Fedex/UPS package tracking and much more. The application represents the Credit Rating and YTD Columns with images for greater readability. Row and page counters let you quickly and easily navigate through your data. Click one of the column headings to re-sort the data based on that column. Search and filter any of the data columns with the handy search box at the top of each column. Display as much or as little data as you wish with the page size controls. This data listing has Ajax Suggest built right in. Type a few letters into any of the search boxes for a list of possible valid matching values.
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StatementCallback; bad SQL grammar [SELECT COUNT(*) FROM CBB2E."DMCMP100" T01 left outer join CBB2E."SALESMAST" T02 ON T01."SALNO"=T02."SALNO" ]; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0204] SALESMAST in CBB2E type *FILE not found.
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