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    Google Maps Application

    This application combines your database data with Google Maps to display who sells a particular product. Navigate to a product category using the Tab layout, then select a product by clicking the green arrow. The application automatically maps which vendors sell the selected product.


      The tab layout organizes your data for an easy-to-read and professional look. Google Map integration provides immediate feedback to help find the nearest distributor. Click on a pushpin to see additional information about a specific distributor. Click the green arrow to redraw the map to show distributors who sell that product. Only the map is redrawn, not the entire page.
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    This application was built with m-Power, an easy-to-use web application development platform. To learn more about m-Power, click one of the buttons below.

    The m-Power Test Drive lets you use m-Power via the web, guiding you through the creation of two web applications. To demonstrate m-Power's capabilities, we'll build you a free proof-of-concept application using your own data. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Fill out this short form.

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Product Description Prod # Map
Product Description Prod # Map