Interactive Reporting: Sales Data Analytics

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    Interactive Reporting - Sales Data Analytics

    This interactive business intelligence report makes business analytics easy. With its smart selections and simple drill downs, the interactive reporting application lets users easily access and analyze large amounts of data.


      Automatic drill-downs let users start out with a high level view of their data and drill down to most minute details, all within the same interactive report. The interactive report lets you choose from a variety of listing options, including: multi- drop- down, button list, and checkbox list. Each of the graphs in this business intelligence report are interactive. Click graph elements to further filter the data. Interactive reports react to user input. As selections are made, selection values change colors to show related and unrelated selections.
         •   Green=Selected values
         •   White=Compatible values
         •   Gray=Incompatible values
    Prior selections are cleared automatically when a selection returns no results.
    The interactive report automatically refreshes
    itself when a selection is made. This feature can be turned off, depending on your preferences.
    Interactive reporting is a great business analytics tool. Data filters and data output appear side by side on one page for easy data analysis. Don't want the filters on the interactive report? Click the arrow at the top left to hide the record selection area, allowing you to see more of your data set on the screen. The second graph in this interactive reporting application is imported from another application and can also be used to affect record selections.
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