Drag-and-Drop Application: Maintain Order-Truck Assignment

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    Drag-and-drop application

    The drag-and-drop application lets you dynamically reassign order shipments. This can be done either by dragging and dropping orders into different trucks on the left or by selecting the order on the map, and reassigning it to a different truck.


      Drag-and-drop an order from its current truck assignment to the truck you wish to assign it to. As soon as the order is released, it is automatically re-assigned. Integrate Google Maps into your m-Power drag-and-drop applications in a snap. Track orders, customers, or salesman - the sky is the limit! Not only can you see the map, but you can interact with it as well. Click on a balloon to pull up more information. Then select a new truck to reassign the order. Color coding is a nice touch to make certain details stand out. Click on one of the balloons in the map. The text color matches the truck color, so you can more quickly understand your data.
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  orders shipping today, . Their current truck assignment and mapped shipping addresses are shown.
  This page demonstrates two different ways to change order-truck assignments.
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  1. Drag-and-drop to reassign orders to different trucks:        - or -   2. Interact with the map by clicking the markers to reassign orders to different trucks:

Green Truck

Red Truck

Blue Truck