Web Pivot Table: Sales Data Analysis

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    Web Pivot Table

    The web (OLAP) Pivot Table is an essential element of any good business intelligence solution. Web Pivot Tables display real-time data from your database and are easier to create, more accesible, and more secure than spreadsheet-based pivot tables.


      End-users can decide which fields will appear as their columns and rows in their web pivot table. Additionally, users can select up to 2 fields to total. End-users can simply click and drag available fields into a designated area for either the column or row portion of their report. Drilldown within the same online pivot/olap report to view even more detail. Without the need for any additional HTML markup, all numeric columns and rows contained within the web pivot table will automatically total. Users can quickly and easily show/hide the dimensions screen in case they need to modify their Web Pivot Table. The Web OLAP Pivot Table gives users options. They can choose the graph type, selection value, and field to graph at run-time. As selections are made, selection values change colors to show related and unrelated selections.

         •   Green=Selected values
         •   White=Compatible values
         •   Gray=Incompatible values
    Prior selections are cleared automatically when a selection returns no results.
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